Intimacy Short Stories


The author:

Greetings! I am Vernon Meidlinger-Chin, writer and illustrator of "Arthropunk" and related (and some not-so-related) comics. Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out.


email: vmeidlinger (at) gmail (dot) com
twitter: (at) adventurevernon

Frequently Asked Questions:

How did you come up with "Arthropunk"?

When I was younger, I collected insects and post-punk records. Then one day, I was bitten by a radioactive comic book and Arthropunk was born.

How do you draw your comics?

Pencil on paper, watercolor pencils for colors, and regular everyday pens for ink. If you look closely, you might be able to spot the points where one pen started dying and I, in denial, refused to replace it.

How did you build your website?

I used codeacademy to learn HTML and CSS and I built it from there. Don't look at the code. Seriously, please don't

What kind of animals are the characters?

Gregor is a cockroach because what other name would a cockroach have? Richard is a praying mantis. Lauren is a moth. Addie is a damselfly. Seth is a hornet. Derek/Derrick is a crab. Steve is some kind of beetle. Truman is a fly. There's also a few trilobites and a spider that show up now and then.

Are there any non-Arthropod animals that show up in the comic?

Yeah, there's a politician that shows up on the TV who is an Oligochaete Annelid. Keep your eyes peeled, because I'm planning an other comic title that I hope will make use of molluscs!

Given the difficulties in resolving early Arthropod evolution, will Burgess Shale faunas like Anomalocaris, Opabinia, and/or Hallucigenia appear in the comic?

Geez what a question. How did this end up on the frequently asked questions list? Its almost as if the author is just making stuff up here because nobody has asked any questions, frequently or otherwise.

How often does this website update?


Does biweekly mean twice a week or every other week?

No more questions, child