Dailies Intimacy Short Stories




~September 2018~

Guys. I just got back to New York from the Small Press Expo. And my goodness. If you haven't been, go. Life-affirming. "Intimacy", "Never Never Never Never Never", and "Two Anatomies of Loneliness" all made appearances and I couldn't be happier!

~July 2018~

We're back with a new comic and its a bit of an Arthrobomb, the seventeen page, sixty-four panel "Intimacy". While I have enjoyed making this comic, I promise this will be the last color comic produced with what I call my "field setup", and I intend to be shifting to a less spartan approach once I'm more sedentary and as I prepare work on the next series of comics.

As you may have surmised the "All My Friends Are Machines" is on idefinite hiatus. Frankly, I was bored with the story and I've decided to shift and work on other long-form stories featuring the same characters. While I prepare that story, I'll pop back in now and then with more dailies

Much thanks and much love!

~April 2018~

The hiatus is finally broken, but updates for "All My Friends Are Machines" won't be coming back for a while. I'm going to be focusing on little projects for a bit, for example "Two Anatomies of Loneliness" and an Arthropunk story called "Intimacy". Check back soon for more comics!

~February 2018~

Quick little update: it is Chinese New Year, and I am in China. Updates are on hold until festivities conclude. Happy year of the dog!

~November 2017~

Finally, the Arthropunk website is up and running! Thanks to everybody who helped me out in putting together this website. You know who you are and I owe you cake.

Arthropunk is a comic by Vernon Meidlinger-Chin. If this is your first time here, take a look at the "Dailies" to get a sense of the humor and style of the comic. If you're already on board, try digging into the ongoing graphic novel All My Friends Are Machines.

Also available for your pleasure are other, non-Arthropunk projects: a handful of comic short stories as well as the Pencil Arms Podcast. And, if it's something you're into, follow Arthropunk on social media.